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Things to do at Wipa Farmstay

At Wipa Farmstay you can do as much or as little you want to do. You can help with the morning chores, feeding the animals, tending the vegetable garden or just read a book, listen to music, have coffee and plan to do nothing for the day.  You can try your hand at catching fish from the farm pond, take a bicycle ride through the countryside, take a herbal steam bath or try your hand at Thai cooking.  The choice is yours and we can help plan your day if you want to step outside the farm and explore the area.

unwind from everyday stress

Traditional Thai Massage

We are happy to arrange for a masseuse to come to the farm and provide you with a deep relaxing massage in your bungalow or under the shade of the trees near the stream. Thai massages are an essential part of unwinding and relaxing on your holiday with us and an integral part of experiencing life in Thailand.

wipa yoga

Relax your mind & body 

There is no better way than to start your day with a yoga and meditation practice at Wipa Yoga. Toy is a qualified yoga teacher and has been teaching yoga for several years. Her focus is on practicing yoga to improve physical and mental relaxation and health  with the yoga practice leading into meditation. Toy also teaches “fly” or aerial yoga, which adds another dimension to your yoga practice.  And most importantly Toy wants her guests to smile and enjoy their yoga practice with her and have fun.

experience thai culture

Relax your mind & body

Traditional Thai culture focuses on the seasons, farming, religion, family and smiling. These are the essences of Thai life and culture. At Wipa Farmstay we aim to introduce you to this traditional life while you stay with us. We can assist you to discover the joy of Thai culture in a simple way that will stay with you long after your visit with us has ended.

explore northern thailand

Things to do in the area

Wipa Farmstay is located in a beautiful forested area that is a destination in itself.  Nearby to our farm there is a wide range of activities available that cater for people who want slow and relaxing activities to those who need an adrenaline “fix”.  The nearby Mae Teang river offers some of the best whitewater rafting and kayaking in Thailand.  There are also easy drifting rides on bamboo rafts down the river, many elephant camps that provide wonderful experiences with these gentle giants, ziplines, hiking in the mountains, motor bike tours, temples and eating local food in small restaurants.  We can help you with planning which ever activity you want or plan alternative activities to suit your interests.


Beautiful creatures 

Northern Thailand is famous for the most beautiful of all Thai animals: the gentle, majestic elephant.  The forests and mountains around Wipa Farmstay have a long association with elephants.  The nearby village of Ban Chang means “village of the elephants” and was the centre of teak logging for centuries, with the elephants being an integral part of the local villages. The logging has ended and the elephants now have a new life.  Visitors are invited to enjoy their beauty and take care of them in their natural environment. We can help you find the right place to experience these magnificent animals.

Slow travel

The scenic route

For a slower pace of life we can organize visits to local Buddhist forest temples where it is possible to assist in preparing breakfast for the monks, enjoy a herbal steam bath in a temple, go cycling through small villages to see the steady rhythm of Thai rural life, take in hot springs, visit renowned Buddhist caves and sample Thai food at local restaurants.
White Water Rafting | Wipa Farmstay

be adventurous

Into the wild 

The mountains and rivers around Wipa Farmstay offer many opportunities to get “into the wild”.  Nearby there is whitewater rafting, kayaking, mountain bike riding on dirt tracks, motor cycling, hiking and even climbing waterfalls.  It is an adventurer’s paradise; yet at the same time the adventures are fun for the whole family.